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Welcome to Purple Cow Winery, a family-owned establishment situated in the rolling hills of Columbia County. Our winery and vineyard began as a summer hobby in 2014 and has since exploded in popularity. Check out more of our story below.


Our Story

Welcome to Purple Cow Winery: A Tale of Passion and Innovation

At Purple Cow Winery, we believe that unexpected journeys can lead to remarkable destinations. Our story begins with the Hemsarth family, whose love for dairy farming took an unexpected turn during a vacation to New York's wine country. This serendipitous trip ignited a spark that would eventually give rise to Purple Cow Winery, a place where dedication, innovation, and a touch of whimsy come together to create a truly exceptional experience.


The Roots of Passion and Discovery

Bruce and Brenda Hemsarth's encounter with the captivating wineries of New York kindled a passion that set a new course for their family. Upon returning to their dairy farm in Millville, Pennsylvania, Bruce felt compelled to explore the world of grape cultivation and winemaking. His first year was marked by nurturing a modest number of vines and experimenting with crafting homemade wine, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.


Cultivating Dreams, Crafting Wines

Bruce's burgeoning enthusiasm for winemaking led him to transform an unused pasture into a vibrant vineyard, planting around 600 vines a few years later. His dedication bore fruit – quite literally – as he found himself with an abundance of wine that surpassed personal consumption. Andrew Hemsarth, Bruce's son and co-owner of Purple Cow, recalls, how his basement was literally filled with hundreds of gallons of wine.  This surplus led to a brilliant idea: why not start a winery and share the fruits of their labor with others? In 2014, Purple Cow Winery's tasting room opened its doors on Andrew's Bloomsburg farm, introducing visitors to an array of wines crafted exclusively from their homegrown grapes.


Craftsmanship and Innovation Unite

As demand quickly outpaced their grape harvest, the Hemsarth's embarked on a journey of innovation. Sourcing grapes from fellow cultivators in Pennsylvania and New York, they skillfully combined their own produce with the region's finest offerings. What began as a hobby transformed into a thriving winemaking venture, prompting Purple Cow Winery to welcome enthusiasts seasonally, captivating them with a delightful array of wines and experiences.


From Vines to Vintages

Guided by Bruce's deep-rooted expertise in vine cultivation and Andrew's meticulous winemaking skills, Purple Cow Winery offers a diverse collection of wines that cater to every palate. The unique grape acidity prevalent in the Northeast region has inspired the creation of exceptional sweet wines, which have become a hallmark of the winery's offerings.

With playful names inspired by cow-themed puns and rock and roll classics, wines like Udder Chaos and Purple Haze have captured the hearts and taste buds of patrons, emerging as cherished favorites.


Beyond the Glass: A Wholesome Experience

Purple Cow Winery is not just a destination for wine enthusiasts; it's an immersive experience that combines rustic charm with a relaxed ambiance. As patrons savor our carefully crafted wines, they're also invited to enjoy the company of our farmyard friends and the occasional whimsical antics of our resident cows. The winery has evolved into an entertainment hub, offering much more than just alcohol – it's about creating unforgettable moments and engaging experiences.


A Growing Family, A Shared Vision

What began as a family endeavor has grown into a thriving enterprise that resonates with enthusiasts from all walks of life. Purple Cow Winery is staffed by a team that shares the Hemsarth family's passion for excellence and dedication to hospitality. As we expand, we have become a place where visitors consistently relish the relaxed and delightful atmosphere we offer.


At Purple Cow Winery, we invite you to experience the culmination of passion, tradition, and innovation. Join us in savoring wines that reflect the heart and soul of our journey, where every sip tells a story and every visit becomes a cherished memory. Welcome to the world of Purple Cow Winery – where unexpected paths lead to extraordinary destinations.

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